Caroline Silby

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The Transition Playbook for ATHLETES: How Elite Athletes WIN After Sports

Find out how the best athletes in the world WIN after sports. More than 100 former elite athletes, including 25 Olympians, share best practices for finding success after sports. These athletes reveal how to have a successful transition out of sports: including tips on routine,
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The Young Female Athlete

Focuses on issues important to the pediatric, adolescent and young adult female athlete, such as growth, development, and hormonal changes. See the chapter Mental Skills Training: Games Girls Play—The Why, What, and When of Mental Fitness by Silby, Caroline, PhD, MEd
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the Science of Figure Skating

The Science of Figure Skating

The Science of Figure Skating is the first book to provide an evidence-based and comprehensive reference for the scientific underpinnings of this complex Olympic sport, where early specialization presents unique challenges for coaches and athletes alike.  Chapter  Seven, Mental
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Sports and Fitness

Smart Girl’s Guide: Sports and Fitness: How to use your body and mind to have fun and be your best. By Therese Kauchak Maring with Caroline Silby, Ph.D. Sport Psychology. © American Girl Silver medal winner of the The California Reading Association Eureka! Awards for nonfiction.
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