Sports Psychology Consultant Services

Sports Psychology Consultant Services

We assist athletes in identifying their mental strengths, opportunities for growth and overcoming barriers to success and the inherent pressures in elite sports. Our objective is for the sport experience to be transformed into something that allows you to develop into or continue to be a healthy, happy, empowered adult who has have sport outcomes that consistently match your capabilities.

While our work tends to be with elite athletes, the challenges related to performance are common to all of us – be it athletes trying-out for a new sports teams, competing in their first Olympic Games, or professionals and parents trying to achieve their best at work and home.

Given that it’s a 3% difference in performance between the athlete that wins the Olympic Gold medal and the athlete who doesn’t make the Olympic Team, small actions at the right moment can have a big impact upon outcome.

You're Already Great!

What most don’t realize is that you are already great in many ways. And not necessarily because you have the best outside shot or touch on the ball rather because of the actions, thoughts, perspectives, and beliefs you bring to your endeavors that allow you to positively contribute to your personal successes – be it athletically, academically, professionally, or in relationships. Without this recognition of the personal qualities that you use to impact your successes, all the other coping skills and achievements you create will be resting upon a shaky foundation.

You will probably discover that your sport process will be filled with good times, bad times and a lot in the middle.  Embrace the good times and enjoy them.  When it comes to the bad times – you are going to have to embrace those too as unpleasant as they may be – because why they mattered will only be revealed much later. 

Each experience in your life – be it winning the National Championship, navigating a pandemic, or finding your way through conflict with friends – allow you opportunities and moments in time to figure yourself out:  What makes you happy, what gets you engaged and challenged and what makes you tic. 

We get that you probably don’t know your greatness yet.  Your job right now and throughout the time we work together is to figure that greatness out and then let others discover that greatness for themselves! And while I cannot promise that “figuring yourself out” guarantees success, I can tell you that it gives you a better chance while allowing you to enjoy the process.  We look forward to playing a small part in that process.   

Mental Fitness Sessions

Dr. Silby and Associates offers one-on-one, small training groups, team, parent and coach mental fitness sessions both in-person and via Zoom.