Individual and Team Mental Fitness

coaching sessions

Group / Team Mental Fitness Sessions are:

  1. Athlete- Centered
  2. Expert-Guided
  3. Personalized to organization and team

Objectives of Team Mental Fitness Sessions include:

  1. Improved individual and team mental agility and flexibility
  2. Reinforcement of individual and team strengths
  3. Consistent opportunity for team connection
  4. Consistent opportunity for team to work towards meaningful objectives
  5. Consistent opportunity for individual and team mental skills challenges
  6. Fuel individual and team competitiveness
  7. Connection of mission, vision, values to actions
  8. Engagement of individual greatness
  9. Engagement of greatness of your teammates
  10. Leadership training

Format for Team Mental Fitness Meetings:

  • 1-hour weekly team meetings via Zoom
  • Input from coaching staff will be used to personalize program and ensure individual and team competitive challenges are addressed
  • Sessions will be led with 1 – 2 sport psych providers depending upon scope of contract/work.
  • In addition to team meetings, Silby and Associates can be contracted to provide services weekly and/or monthly to coaching team + athlete leadership team + certain number of hours set aside to work individually with designated athletes.  

Individual Mental Fitness Meetings

OBJECTIVES: The objective of individual mental fitness sessions is to:

  1. Build and strengthen a solid mental foundation upon which all other skill sets including your mental health will rest.
  2. Align performance outcomes with capabilities
  3. Turn stress into strength
  4. Exploration of focus, thoughts, actions, perspectives, behaviors, coping strategies, you can employ to perform your best when it counts the most
  5. Empower you to use your sport experiences to continually “Figure Yourself Out”!
  6. Identify barriers to success
  7. Provide expert referrals as warranted which can include in and out-patient therapy, psychological assessment, educational assessment, family or couples counseling

Mental Fitness Sessions

Dr. Silby and Associates offer one-on-one, group, parent, phone and zoom mental fitness sessions.