Game On! How The Mental Tricks Of Pro Athletes Can Help You Manage Your Money Better

How It Helps Athletes: “Maybe someone is physically stronger than you, or maybe the coach isn’t giving you the playing time you deserve—OK, now what?” Silby says. “It’s up to the athlete to process this information and figure out if it’s really important before determining whether it warrants a response. Hint: Under-responding to stress is key.”

Trying not to dwell on TBUs can also help an athlete maintain perspective when she feels disappointed by her performance. Missing five saves in one game, for instance, doesn’t mean she’s now a failure as a goalie. “Isolating the incident into a one-time performance, rather than extrapolating it as an indicator of the rest of your sports life, is key,” Silby says. “That will make the emotional impact of the event less severe and make finding a solution easier.”

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